Bodhaka Yoga - a union of classical yoga postures and the Alexander Technique

What is Bodhaka Yoga?

In Sanskrit the ancient language of yoga, Bodhaka means:

awakening; informative; arousing; denoting; revealing; explaining; indicating; signifying; explaining; illuminating; enlightening; instructing; instructor; instructive; teaching; causing to know; informer; spy!

Bodhaka Yoga:

  • develops self awareness and understanding
  • awakening the mind and body to new opportunities
  • awakening our inner intelligence for a whole body movement
  • creating calm and tranquility, space and freedom of movement
  • allowing the subtle energies to bring the mind and body into balance

The practise of Yoga teaches us how to respond to our living environment and how we are. The earth below and the skies above, our thoughts, words, actions, reactions, emotions and physical abilities all playing their part.

Shaping who we have become.

Bodhaka Yoga allows the individual to understand how and sometimes why we move, think and react in a particular way and introduces balance throughout. Highlighting and energising the areas that are sluggish and releasing those parts that are stressed and over working.

How we are and how we move through life is due to our natural response to gravity. Do we have a lift up through our body, a spring in our step and embrace life with enthusiasm? Or, do we drag ourselves along, heavy with worry and doubt unable to enjoy the full benefits of being alive?

Movement comes from within, the centre of our being, everything working together in unison, everything in it's place connecting and releasing. This inner network of support and stability creates effortless movement, self renewing and rejuvenating.

This is true alignment.

I have practised yoga for over 20 years and experienced a range of different styles and teachers. Through my own personal practise, I am able to transform my body, mind and emotions and am really passionate about sharing this with my students.

If we can find freedom and ease in the body we can also find freedom and clarity in the mind.

My teaching style enables students to develop awareness through their own development of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation. Yoga is for everyone; come along and experience it for yourself. 

Private home studio lessons 

Small friendly group classes