About me

It was while I was on the British Wheel of Yoga, teacher training

foundation course that I first realised, how easy it was to appear to be

benefiting from all the wonderful affects of yoga, while actually doing

myself as much harm as good. This made me take a step back and

take a really good look at what I was actually doing. A life time of

compensating habits meant that I moved with very little, or no natural


This lead me towards The Alexander Technique and it was during my

three year teacher training course with Ron Colyer at The Alexander

Re Education Centre, that I became aware that I was punishing myself

from trying too much and wanting to get things done!

But what was it that made me be like this? The faster we move through

life the less likely we are to see, and become aware of how we are.

Often caught up in life's hectic pace, with our emotions running deep

and the mind determined to know what is best, it is hard to appreciate

what is really going on.

In reality our bodies know how to move naturally but we have

reconditioned them, taught them how to compensate for injuries or

emotional traumas, the mind subtly influencing how we are and wanting

to be in control, creating a new normal. Forgetting what natural is.

Something had to change. Changing how we move, how we think and

how we react isn't easy, but it is possible. It is an ongoing process that

never ceases to amaze and delight.

Having completed my training with Ron I then had a year out to process

events and undergo a double hip replacement. Ready and extremely

keen to get back on the mat I started going to yoga classes again. How

could I have lived without Yoga for so long? It was as if I had been living

in the dark, quite simply, yoga lit up my life!

Now my challenge was to maintain all the goodness and thoughtfulness

of The Technique while practising Yoga. The teachers I saw were all

very experienced and extremely talented, but somehow there was

something missing. I was being asked to 'try harder', to 'push further', to

'pull' myself into postures and although I loved the classes I knew that if I

was to survive another decade without joint surgery - probably knees or

shoulder next, I needed to learn yoga properly, a yoga that I could

practise forever.

Thankfully I came across Jenny Beeken of the Inner Yoga Trust. I knew

others that had trained with her and she came highly recommended.

Her method of yoga is complete, a totally wholesome experience that

continues to awaken new ideas and improved movement, keeping

everything fresh and alive, traditional yet contemporary. Gentle on the

surface but deep, a wonderful yoga that flows along the same lines as

The Technique. Jenny's teaching is very much influenced by her own

teacher B.K.S. Iyengar and from the Scaravelli line of yoga through

Diane Long and Sophy Hoare.

I have practised yoga for over 20 years and experienced a range of different

styles. Through my own personal practise, I am able to transform my body,

mind and emotions and am really passionate about sharing this with my


If we can find freedom and ease in the body we can also find tranquility and

clarity in the mind.

I am dedicated to continued learning, gaining knowledge through ongoing self

study and with the Inner Yoga Trust Teachers, in particular Jenny Beeken,

who will always be a source of inspiration, whose teaching incorporates the

philosophy and spirituality of yoga, giving the benefit of inner awareness, of

whole body movement.

My teaching style enables students to develop awareness through their own

development of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation.

So here I am wanting to share all of this with you. Yoga is an

exceptional practise, for everyone, it has stood the test of time, be good

to yourself and let it shine through you!