Practical practise guidelines

  • Arrive in plenty of time to be ready and settled for practise
  • Avoid eating immediately before practising any asanas - postures
  • Hydrate with water before or after rather than during
  • Allow the breath to be even and steady - in and out through the nose
  • Try to be in the present, the now, focusing on the movement and how your body and breath change with the movement
  • Let the mind be passive and calm. Try not to over think things
  • Observe habitual movements and preferences - are these helpful or not?
  • Regard the mind and body as a whole, connected, integrated, supporting and working in harmony
  • Be open to new sensations or suggestions, ready to explore
  • If something hurts or feels wrong, stop
  • Focus on your own practice rather than comparing with a fellow student
  • Be impartial rather than competitive or wishful. We all have different bodies and can only move with what we have at any given time
  • Follow instructions creatively and as imaginatively as possible ,with simplicity and ease, feeling and understanding how your body moves through a posture is important. Never force or rush a posture, nor maintain a posture for longer than is useful, coming out of the posture just as gracefully as you went in
  • Inform the teacher of any injuries or changes that may affect your practise

Enjoy your practise, then your practice will become a joy!