"Yoga is not a 'quick fix' but our regular lessons have made me aware of where I have been going wrong all these years in terms of holding tension in certain areas of my body.  Sarah incorporates aspects of the Alexander technique into her yoga sessions and my lower back pain has eased considerably as a result of her teaching.  I feel I am stronger and I use my body more efficiently.  I amaze myself sometimes at the postures I am able to maintain - with relative ease.  Some I would never have attempted when I first started yoga.

Sarah is gentle yet firm and guides us with authority - we never feel overwhelmed by what is, after all, an ancient, mystic and complex discipline - one that is hard to convey.  She has a practical approach; if the traditional method doesn't work, she devises a different one.  She is sensitive to our ability, temperament and personality and always gets the best from her students.

I cannot recommend Sarah's yoga classes enough: whatever your age, physique, or ability, I guarantee yoga will enhance the way you live your life."

Barbara - Chalfont St. Giles

"I have been attending Sarah's class for over a year and it is a joy.  She is a warm and generous teacher, always explains why we are doing or attempting postures and what the benefits are or will be!!!  I leave feeling lighter, more flexible, having learnt something new."

J.S. -  Seer Green

"The gentle lengthening and stabilising postures help to relieve my back pain, improving muscular tone, flexibility and provide important mental focus and relaxation.

I look forward to the class each week.  It's a great restorative."

Kenneth - Chalfont St. Giles

"As a relative beginner to yoga, I have found Sarah's class to be well-paced and each person is encouraged to work at his or her own level and ability.  As the classes are small, Sarah is able to provide individual attention and create an intimate atmosphere.  I always leave the class feeling physically and mentally uplifted!"

Lorna - Gerrards Cross

"Having been persuaded by my wife to give yoga a try, I have to admit the health benefits are very real.  My posture, stress levels and general well being have all improved - and, as a bonus, I have added a few extra yards to my golf shots, which I can only put down to my improved flexibility!

While yoga is not competitive (as Sarah has to keep reminding me!) it is very satisfying to see the progress - however small - we make week by week.  Sarah's classes link a variety of postures to give your body an overall workout - often using muscles you didn't know you had!  In this way and by using breathing techniques your body and mind relax and, over time, postures improve.

I never imagined I would take to yoga in the way I have and this is down to Sarah's enthusiasm, kindness and skill.  She is sympathetic to her students, particularly when postures don't come so easily.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to yoga with Sarah and I am sure I will continue to learn and grow in the years to come."

David - Chalfont St. Giles 

"Sarah is an amazing teacher.  Her classes are highly personalised to our individual needs and she has no problem changing a lesson plan to concentrate on something we want to try.  She is extremely empathetic and her mantra is 'if it feels wrong or hurts then stop!'  The healing yoga she teaches is gentle whilst improving balance, posture and general well being - both my mind and body have really benefited from the weekly classes."

Claire - Gerrards Cross

"As we get older I think it's very important to look after our bodies.  In the past I tried yoga and hated it because I'm not very flexible and couldn't do it! 

However a few years ago I tried "yoga with the Alexander technique" and loved it. Each exercise is done slowly so that it is done properly and you get maximum benefit from it.  I really enjoy Sarah's classes because although you do everything slowly and gently, you can feel that your body has been worked by the end of the class.  I would recommend this class to anyone as it really suits all ages and abilities."

J.H. - Chalfont St. Giles