What Can Yoga Do For Me?

This ancient form of art and science that we know as Yoga was surely

developed in a time then human understanding far exceeded our own,

present day capacity. Increasingly we are understanding the subtitles of

it's many varied practises and measuring it against scientific research.

We think of Yoga as movement, which it is, but it is so very much more

than that. It is not a process that you will find in a gym, a fast workout

that targets a particular area, often relying upon brute force and


Yoga moves the body as a whole, in a way that nourishes and heals,

strengthens and tones, whilst releasing away tensions and toxins,

creating space so that the body may be free to breathe, move and live

better. Developing discipline and awareness, along with understanding

and compassion. Listening to what the body wants, what the body


Yoga helps to keep you healthy by bringing the body into balance. A

balanced system that works in harmony with itself, self rejuvenating.

Moving through the postures gives us a chance to observe how we are,

noticing our habitual ways and preferences, strengths and weaknesses,

then consciously deciding what we don't want and replacing it with

something that we do. Being truthful and accepting, disciplined and

understanding, kind and thoughtful.

The practise of Yoga is a gift for improved living and transcends sex,

age and ability, each individual working to ones own needs, awareness

and understanding deepening with time. The complexities of our body

and the natural ageing process means that change is inevitable, on

many levels. Yoga helps to keep an equilibrium through the turmoil of


"Words fail to convey the true value of yoga

It has to be experienced"

B.K.S. Iyengar a leading teacher of our time (1918-2014 )