What to expect   

  • The class is mainly posture based, with a period for relaxation and sitting. Pranayama - focus on the breath, is introduced gradually
  • You will need to wear soft, comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement. Layers are best, to keep warm and remove as needed. Yoga is practised in bare feet so bring a sticky yoga mat if you have one. If not I can supply a good quality mat for £20

N.B. Please note that a Pilates mat it too short and slippery.

  • A blanket is essential and wonderful for relaxation, large enough to cover you from neck to foot when lying down
  • I will ask you to fill out a brief health questionnaire so that appropriate postures may be modified as needed. Any information given will remain confidential and is to enable safe, healthy practise
  • Some of the postures are inverted - head below the heart - so a full stomach would be unpleasant and can make you feel nauseous. Better to have a small something an hour beforehand, waiting to have something more substantial after

A guide to timing of meals before a class

Breakfast or snack 1 hour. Full meal 3-4 hours

Bananas or toast are a great pre-class filler/fuel

I hope that's useful and I'll look forward to seeing you soon. Any questions or concerns please email

Sarah Janes


What do I need to bring - myself - mat - blanket